Moving Art

transporte de arte

Caring for
Global Emotions

Packaging, transportation and storage of artistic works.

transporte de arte

Moving Art

At ART i CLAR we safely handle the transportation of works of art across Spain and internationally by road, sea and air.

We guarantee safe transport for the artwork to any location using our own fleet of vehicles.

Preserving Art

We have more than 15 years’ experience providing a comprehensive transport service for works of art, taking care of all the bureaucratic procedures.

We guarantee safe transportation from the piece’s original location to its final destination, providing a well-established transport service that enables us to ensure the piece is delivered in perfect condition.

Transportation and Preservation Services

Transporting Art

Including temperature and humidity control, air suspension and lifting platforms to ensure safe transportation.


We carry out an individualized study of the packaging, adapting it to each piece’s needs and providing different solutions.

Transportation of Complex Works

We have demonstrable experience in special transport for complex works of art. Ofrecemos soluciones específicas para garantizar la seguridad e integridad en cada movimiento.

Insurance and Customs Procedures

We take care of dealing with customs and insurance procedures for nationwide Spanish and international transport of artworks.

Storage and Preservation

We provide management and secure storage services for works of art. We also have an optimum storage, safekeeping and deposit service for any type of artwork.


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