Displaying art


How to present and display objects and collections in an attractive way.

Transforming spaces.

At ART i CLAR, we develop comprehensive exhibition solutions, from the concept, content and design to the final set up.

We are experts in projects that have their own identity. We design interactive spaces that enable us to create the perfect atmosphere to convey the narrative that has been conceived.

More than exhibitions, they are experiences that linger.

We design exhibitions that allow us to create unique experiences and bring about emotions that last in one’s memory.

We lend a unique significance to each and every project, constructing spaces in which the users actively participate in the experience. We offer innovative designs, making use of technology to create transcendental interactive spaces.

Our Museography Services

Exhibition Design

We carry out a detailed study of the project’s needs to propose permanent, itinerant or temporary spaces for exhibition narratives. Our active way of listening coupled with our knowledge of the sector makes our designs adaptable to different halls and museums.

Adapting Spaces

We have a team of specialist technicians in carpentry, painting, electricity and lighting who enable us to take on any project that comes our way, ensuring quality and professionalism in all of our services.

Graphic Design and Production

We design, develop and build content for exhibitions, ranging from art management and storytelling to the production of graphic and audiovisual elements, creating dynamic, interactive spaces.

Setting up

We handle the entire process of setting up exhibitions with absolute precision and care. Our service includes, for example, everything from handling and installing artworks and advice on the best lighting, to producing and installing graphic and audiovisual elements.

Museographic Apparatus

We provide a complete service for designing and installing the fittings to deck out the venues: hangers, special support structures, air-conditioned display cases, pedestals and more to make the identity of each artwork on display stand out.


Art that Breathes: Our Projects in Action