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Art that Breathes: Our Projects in Action

All-inclusive ,
Exhibition Projects

At ART i CLAR, we provide a comprehensive service for artistic and exhibition projects. We cover everything from creating the concept, designing and adapting the space, to creating graphic products, all in order to create a unique exhibition experience.

We are specialists in packaging, storage, handling and transporting artworks across Spain and internationally.

Strategic Consultancy
We provide our Strategic Consultancy service so as to better understand each project’s needs and thus put forward a unique experience that transcends and reflects the very identity of each collection.

Creating Unique Experiences

How to present and display objects and collections in an attractive way.

Packaging, transportation and storage of artistic works.

Private storage service

of artworks.

We have a private, secure storage service for artworks.

of artistic works.

Safekeeing and transport of artworks via a private security and storage system.